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   Friday, March 27, 2015  

 Author:   Topic: GTX-RFI, Fouling Plugs
 David_HX posted: 8/7/2009 6:27:02 PM   

A Rotary Valve would have no effect on fouling, if it was that far out of proper timing, then it would never have started the engine.

Chances are a dirty Fuel Filter or clogged Injector(s) caused that problem.

I think the 'dealer' replaced a perfectly good piece of flat steel (Rotary Valve)



 2000 GSX RFI posted: 8/7/2009 4:56:21 PM   

I just bought a 2000 GSX RFI from a dealer and it was fouling the back plug, they replaced the rotary valves and it fixed the problem. It did cause the jet ski to have a power surge at 5500 so they replaced the injectors. Hope this helps. Good luck.

 David_HX posted: 7/31/2009 10:21:56 AM   

On an RFI I would guess ECU before MPEM. Engine Control Unit is unique to the RFI's and is manufactured by Bosche which are also the mgfr's. Injectors I think.

I have an RFI ECU on e-Bay right now.
It's a $1000 part new (no kidding)

Mine is a little more affordable (used)



 ATL97SPX posted: 7/31/2009 10:10:32 AM   

Hi David,

I haven't seen the ski yet (in person). If it is anything other than the motor it's worth what I can get it for.. I gues sthe MPEM could be another show stopper.

Any chance I it has good compression and is still a motor issue? Any chance it's the MPEM?

Thank you.


 David_HX posted: 7/31/2009 9:53:01 AM   

Are the Plugs Wet w/ Fuel or Wet w/ Oil ?

How large is the Spark Kernel ?

May not have an intense enough Spark to burn the Fuel/Oil off the Plugs. Coil....



 ATL97SPX posted: 7/31/2009 8:23:44 AM   

Hi Guys,

I am looking at an RFI that is fouling plugs. The seller thinks it needs a motor. I think it's either an oil pump issue, or fuel mapping in the MPEP.

Could this be a true motor issue? Would a compression test tell the tale or could this somehow be related to seals.

BTW -- it does not blow excessive smoke, not even at a cold start.

Thanks.. Please help soon, going to look tomorrow.


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Topic: GTX-RFI, Fouling Plugs
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