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   Friday, March 06, 2015  

 Author:   Topic: Who has SS Wear ring on their 4-stroke seadoo
 Green_Hulk posted: 4/7/2005 6:44:34 PM   

if i play with tolerances i will have to play with different impellers. all part of the fun! :)


 Shibby1485 posted: 4/7/2005 5:58:40 PM   

hulk.. from what i understand the SS wear ring also allows for a tighter clearance between the impeller and the wear ring... this would mean better accerlation and potential top speed gains i would think.

do u think the added tightness of the cleanrance may require yet ANOTHER slightly different prop pitch with the SS wear ring?


 4-keeps posted: 4/7/2005 5:54:30 PM   

That's all that extra HP Hulk, gotta love that cccchit.

 Green_Hulk posted: 4/7/2005 5:45:58 PM   

Yea, the 2 bearing setup is a must in my configuration, or any high horsepower setup for that matter.

I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks!


 4-keeps posted: 4/7/2005 5:25:51 PM   

Sorry about that, What I was trying to say was that I know about 5people with the SS wear ring in the RXP's that have the Stage 1 kits. So far great results with them no complains. I believe that with the SS wear ring it takes care of the vacuum effect your having with the plastic wear ring. Not say that the two bearing pump wouldn't hurt to have. GreenHulk let us know how you make out with that SS wear ring.

Thanks, Billy

05 Red RXP
Stage 1 Kit
SS Wear ring


 4-keeps posted: 4/7/2005 5:02:45 PM   


 Green_Hulk posted: 4/7/2005 10:39:14 AM   

Just wanted to let everyone know that i'm sending my pump in to PPG for the two bearing mod and im putting in one of Bruce at Xtreme Jet Sports new Stainless Steel wear rings. My pump should be bulletproof now... providing i dont suck up any rocks :)

If you want to see a pic of this beautiful wear ring i've got one on my site



 performancepwc posted: 4/3/2005 8:28:31 AM   

I would like to get the pump upgrade but the cost is a little high. $400 for the upgrade and $250 for the steel wear ring. Plus the cost of shipping the pump. It will add up over $700. I would get it if I was planning to keep the rxp for a really long time but I know in a few years another ski will come out that will be faster and maybe better than mine. Then it will be another new ski for me. I guess skis are like women to me LOL. I owned five different skis in the last four years.
Right now I have been patching (filling in)the bad spots on the wear ring. Right now I have six hours on a patched wear ring with no problems. It has been a free fix for me.


 Go-Tract posted: 4/3/2005 6:40:17 AM   


Thank you for your suggestions on the wear ring issue for 4 tecs.

I own 2 2002 4 tecs and have recently had pump bearing failures. NO recall, no dealer service when had 100 hour service with service plan purchased naturally purchased when new.

I will try Scat trak.



 Boataddict posted: 4/2/2005 8:52:42 PM   

I used to work at a Polaris dealer and they had stainless pumps and impellers. There were nowhere near the amout of them as Doo's but the pumps were bulletproof. In my four years there I only saw one pump wrecked. When we changed to Sea Doo we had pumps damaged all the time. I think the wear ring is a cash grab.

 Green_Hulk posted: 4/2/2005 10:42:10 AM   

Crazed, a tougher, harder plastic has already been tried with no satisfatcory results. Most of the wear on the plastic wear ring is caused by pump deflection due to it's single bearing design.

 GP posted: 4/2/2005 10:41:41 AM   

I only run them for race units. The wear-ring is good to keep it "sacrificial" as it is better than side-loading the impeller shaft if hard debris gets in in your pump. jmo and experience.

 Shibby1485 posted: 4/2/2005 10:37:51 AM   

i gotta disagree... if u suck stuff up with w stainless wear ring u won't do damage to the prop.. it depends what your sucking up, and as i said i'm sucking up soft material like seaweed and smallll wood chips... they don't bend and wreck a prop whereas rocks will no matter if u got plastic or stainless steel.

if u ride in perfectly clean water than this would be a waste bc ur not changing wear rings anyway! if ur changing wear rings over small crap in the water then this would be worth it.... that's how i look at it.

but if u ride where there's alot of rocks and rigid debris than stay plastic maybe.


 CRAZEDRXP posted: 4/2/2005 10:32:03 AM   

personally id ratehr change wear rings evry 20 hrs then props and thats what u will be doing if u have a stinless steel wear ring no matter what kind of pump .. green hulk rides where he doesnt suck stuff up however if u ride somewhere where u do suck anything up at all stick with plastic wear rings ... im in the process of looking for a company that will duplicate the wearring but with a stronger grade of plastic ... that to me is a better idea then stainless steel wear ring , plus u wont be getting it out once its in if u ride somehwre were it is very very clean and u never suck anything up at all then its a great idea ..

 Shibby1485 posted: 4/2/2005 10:21:25 AM   

thanks grren hulk.... excellent detailed information. makes perfect sense and IMO would be worth it also. i also feel like to stay at optimal peformance eacn and every ride i'd need a new wear ring every 10-15 hours.... little wood whips, chunks of seawood all do their little bit of damage each time, altho minimal, but it adds up quick... i try to dodge to patches of crap in the water, but sometimes ya just spot it too late!

 Green_Hulk posted: 4/2/2005 8:21:48 AM   

You DO NOT want to run a stainless steel wear ring in a stock 4-tec pump!!!

The pump design is inferior as it only has 1 bearing supporting the pump shaft. You WILL get what is called pump deflecion. This is caused by the bearing allowing the shaft to cock. When this happens your impeller is wearing against your stainless steel wear ring. Metal to metal = NOT GOOD!
Eventually your impeller wears down creating a larger clearance between wear ring and impeller thus losing performance.
Seadoo engineers put a plastic wear ring in for a reason.

The only safe way to run a metal wear ring is to have your pump modified. Skat Trak can do this. What they do is machine your pump to accomodate a two bearing system. This design gives the shaft much greater support and it enables you to run tighter clearance's between wear ring and impeller
thus improving performance. Cost of having the mod done is about $400. Worth every penny in my opinion!

There are still drawbacks to using the stainless steel ring. You risk impeller damage, catastrophic pump failure, shaft breakage, etc.

The risk is worth it to me, especially in the higher horsepower units as i'll probably be chewing up plastic wear rings every 6 to 10 hours.

So for you guy's that are running a stainless steel wear ring on a stock pump i'm throwing caution to the wind....look for trouble in the very near future!


 noose posted: 4/2/2005 2:09:10 AM   

My dealer makes them for the RXP. He has a bunch of them in stock, they look sweet. I'm not sure how much he's selling them for. His name is Bruce at at Xtreme Jetsports in New Orleans. You can contact him at brucetaylor@xtremejetsports.com
or phone #504-281-0313. Hope this helps.


 mjammer posted: 4/1/2005 10:56:55 PM   

PM has the Skat mods on his 4TEC NA Limited which I believe include the SS ring and he rides the heck out of it

 Shibby1485 posted: 4/1/2005 7:34:25 PM   

well, that's what i'm asking. I've vaguely heard a few people doing a pump setup with a STAINLESS STEEL wear ring... i think it gives u a tighter clearance between the ring and the prop and will be more resistant to damage.

pros and cons... i know i know... the plastic wear ring protects ur prop, wear ring takes the abuse instead... well if u ask me, if something goes thru ur pump that is gonna wreck ur prop, no wear ring is gonna save u, ur screwed IMO.

where i ride, i wouldn't suck up rocks at all.... nothing but sand and ALOT of vegetation and seaweed and grass late summer when water gets warmer... that vegetation i think scuffs the plastic wear ring a bit, and SS would be more durable, maybe even more efficient?

so, who has one!? what are ur results and opinions, and where can i get one and how much are they?


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