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   Friday, March 06, 2015  

 Author:   Topic: Winterizing 2007 Seadoo GTI 130
 sandy-shores posted: 10/10/2007 5:05:33 AM   

Thanks for the reply and info, all very helpful!! I purchased a service manual that should also help me understand the over mechanics and there is a section on winterization too.

 GP@PPG posted: 10/8/2007 12:41:18 PM   

A LIGHT misting of WD isn't to bad, it's when people saturate the rubber does it start to be a bad thing. IF you can park them in an area that you can store themn with the seats removed and the front storage tray removed, it helps a lot.
It lets all the trapped moisture in there evaporate out to atmosphere way faster than if it is trapped inside. When this happens the moisture finds it's way into al kinds of areas over time that is very damaging and
could lead to a problem plagued machine as the unit relys on the electronics being 110% at all times to function properly. Remember, you're machine can be mechanically 110% perfect, BUT, if the
on-board computer/s tell it NOT to rev, it won't rev. Scare tactic? Kinda. Is it as real as I state? We service more Sea-Doo's than any other shop in the U.S., combined with 37 years of ocean going PWC's, I've gotten to know them pretty well. Hope this helps you and let us know how you do!

OH YEAH, DO spray a light coat on the drive shaft and the prop. Even though the drive-shaft IS stainless, it has a very high steel content mixed in the smelting process to add some "flex" to avoid them from becoming brittle and snapping under the huge loads placed on the drive-line. SO it is rusty or will be soon. This i9s normal but you need to combat-it, the best we can.

You really should read-up on the operators book as you have been. Boring but could save you big $$$ repairs that are totally avoidable......again hope thsi helps, GP@PPG


 sandy-shores posted: 10/8/2007 3:10:59 AM   

I just purchased (2) 2007 Seadoo GTI 130 and it seem too easy to winterize these machines. The manual says to remove the top hose and pour straight antifreeze into the manifold. I will also put a little seedoo engine oil into the (4) cyinders and turn it over with the coil unplugged, then put the plugs back
My questions are: Is there anything else I should do? My dealer was not much help because he's not going to make any money. The salesman said to spray the impeller with WD-40. Last time I knew WD-40 softens rubber seals so I know better than to use that stuff. What areas should be lubed or drain and what should I use? I want to learn how to do it right. We only have 3 hours on them each, Ok to leave the break in oil in them over the winter or should really ride them till I get 10 and change it?
Replies and suggestions welcome...


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Topic: Winterizing 2007 Seadoo GTI 130
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