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   Friday, March 27, 2015  

  I wish I could say that it seemed just like yesterday, but it seems much longer to us old veterans of the PWC industry. The bringing back of a machine that JUST MAY re-ignite the PWC industry and no one hope so more than me and BRP! By now it isn't much of a secret that there is an affordable line-up of new watercraft for 2014. It isn't some low-tech *sled*, but instead, a high tech *thinking* of a machine as it is easier to work on, cheaper to own and provides LOADS of fun at any budget level! NO, it doesn't go 70+ MPH, nor does it need to. This is what we needed. These new breed of machines are nimble, light weight, good ergonomics, combined with an engine that is a fuel sipping marvel of a Power Plant! Most dealers have been in dire straits over the past few years and now it is time for us working people to own not one but TWO of these new low-tech/high-tech machines. It is met with open arms and kudos to the guys behind the development of this one-of-a-kind craft. It changes directions quicker than a mouse with tennis shoes, it is light enough to pick up,... heck, you can even ride three-up on the right one! This is truly a remarkable day/machine for the PWC industry. These will start showing up at dealers a'plenty come this year or a month or two after.

The thinking of some keen minds at BRP have hit a home run and maybe, just maybe, have pumped some real strategy back into our sagging industry. We as a dealer and gang of watercraft enthusiasts are beeming with pride that our FAVORITE brand was the industry saver! Let's certainly hope so. Many of the best stores around are barely getting our bills paid these days. So we are all hoping these two cool machines will (pardon the pun) *Spark* the industry. Those dealers around since the early to mid 90's remember times that 4-10 units a day may sell. This may not happen with the new ones, but it is a helluva start. A BIG way to start I might add at that!

When it even comes to personalizing of the craft or making it faster, a plethora of sharp minds are already trying to make them go faster before they have even ridden one. This too is good news for the industry as it always has done well when it comes to racing and simple mods to make units able to be "Big Dog on the lake", or river. Either/or, it is all a new direction and we couldn't be more happy! Thanks BRP, you did good. REAL good!
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